About this website

The Database on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

About this website

This website, opened in February 2016, discloses data, action plans and assessments regarding women’s participation in each company, based on “The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” (took effect in April 2016).

The Act formulates the followings in order that company steadily push forward with active participation of women who are employed or to be employed in their occupation.
 ● Companies with 301 or more regularly employed workers are obligated to;
  □ Perform an assessment of the situation of women’s active participation in their companies and analyze issues.
  □ Formulate, notify in their companies, and disclose action plan based on the assessment and analysis.
  □ Report the action plan to the prefectural labor bureau.
  □ Disclose their data on women’s participation and advancement (update annually).

 ● Companies with less than 300 employees are obliged to make efforts on these measures.

On this website, Company personnel can;
 ○ Find information on their current situation among other companies of their industry or region.
 ○ Appeal measures and efforts for women’s participation in their company to job applicants and job seeking students.

Job applicants and job seeking students can;
 ○ Find information on the working styles of companies in which they are interested.
 ○ Find information on companies that have acquired ERUBOSHI, KURUMIN or other certifications.